About Us


Prima Die Co., Inc.

We are the most versatile manufacturer of cutting dies on the west coast. Established in 1954, we pioneered the use of FLEX steel, the pre-sharpened, pre-hardened steel, bringing cost effective dies into major productions.

Our value as a full house die cutting company gives us an edge on the type of tooling that should be used since we ourselves actually die cut many materials for our customers.

Our CONTRACT DIE CUTTING SERVICE is available for long or short runs, with capabilities up to 41" x 87" with 110 tons of pressure.

If in-house production is what you are looking for, our MACHINERY DEPARTMENT carries the FIPI line of hydraulic cutting machines, sent direct to us from the manufacturer in Italy.

Call our Machinery Department for the following:
  • Swing Arm Cutting Press
  • Travel Head Cutting Press
  • Full Head Cutting Press
  • Roller Press
  • Cutting Pads
  • Pad Resurfacing
  • Die Steel
  • Tubes